Choose a special-priced ferry trip when you want to travel from Germany … Tickets can be purchased at SL Centers, underground platform barriers, newsagent kiosks or via SMS. Gastrologik has a popular annex called Speceriet, which is right next door. With over one million visitors a year, Vasa Museum hosts the only preserved 17th century ship in the world. Once booked, you’ll receive your ticket by email which you can print out conveniently at home. Réservez en toute tranquillité - Nous avons de nombreuses options flexibles au cas où vous devriez changer vos plans après avoir réservé. Sollentuna 578 Kilometer. The highest unit price of most taxis is between SEK 290 - 390. Traditional Swedish home fare is served here year-round. Si vous êtes ici, c’est parce que vous êtes à la recherche d’un vol low cost Malmo - Stockholm, vous êtes donc au bon endroit pour trouver le bon vol Malmo - Stockholm au meilleur prix.. Une fois avoir trouvé votre vol Malmo - Stockholm , organiser le reste de votre voyage sur Bravofly. Unlock the secrets of Sweden’s beautiful capital on a Stockholm walking tour. My Ces conditions s’appliquent à toutes les offres de vol affichées sur cette page. The drive between Stockholm and Malmö is 380 miles (612 kilometers) long and takes roughly six and a half hours. Finally, the music, the clothes, the lyrics, musicals, and films of ABBA have been gathered in Stockholm and will be displayed in a permanent exhibition. You can also get to Stockholm Arlanda Airport via public transportation (SL) or using the Stockholm Card with the purchase of a supplementary ticket. Trendy bars and world-class restaurants are shoulder-to-shoulder with historic cafes and cozy neighbourhood pubs. Here you will find some of the city’s best restaurants and several bars with live music. You can easily get hold of a taxi by calling a taxi company, hailing one on the street or by taking a one from a rank, e.g. Train ticket prices from Malmö Central to Stockholm Central can start from as little as when you book in advance. Need help? ”Ulla, my Ulla.” This is the opening of a famous Swedish ballad by the eighteenth-century troubadour Bellman. Summer and autumn in the Jämtland mountains. Snälltåget Norra Vallgatan 34 211 25 Malmö, Sweden. Shop. Ce site web est propriété de BravoNext SA, siège social Vicolo de’ Calvi 2, 6830 Chiasso, CH (n° d’immatriculation: CHE -115.704.228 et n° de TVA CHE -115.704.228). Whether it is for business or leisure, in order to travel from Malmö to Stockholm, 96,89% of our customers choose the train as their preferred mode of transportation. Approved taxis with metered fares always bear yellow number plates. Stockholm's closest archipelago island has a lot to offer only 30 minutes from the city. Read more. There is also a large, diverse grocery store in the basement. Pour voler du lundi 1 mars 2021 au dimanche 7 mars 2021, Pour voler du mercredi 24 février 2021 au mercredi 3 mars 2021, Pour voler du mercredi 7 avril 2021 au lundi 12 avril 2021, Pour voler du dimanche 28 mars 2021 au dimanche 4 avril 2021, Pour voler du samedi 27 février 2021 au samedi 6 mars 2021, Pour voler du lundi 15 février 2021 au jeudi 18 février 2021, Pour voler du mercredi 31 mars 2021 au dimanche 4 avril 2021, Pour voler du mardi 30 mars 2021 au mardi 6 avril 2021, Pour voler du vendredi 2 avril 2021 au samedi 10 avril 2021, Pour voler du vendredi 5 février 2021 au mardi 9 février 2021, Pour voler du vendredi 2 avril 2021 au dimanche 4 avril 2021, Pour voler du mardi 6 avril 2021 au jeudi 8 avril 2021, Pour voler du lundi 5 avril 2021 au mercredi 7 avril 2021, Pour voler du dimanche 28 mars 2021 au lundi 29 mars 2021, Pour voler du mercredi 3 février 2021 au vendredi 5 février 2021, Pour voler du vendredi 19 février 2021 au vendredi 26 février 2021, Pour voler du lundi 8 février 2021 au vendredi 12 février 2021, Pour voler du dimanche 4 avril 2021 au samedi 10 avril 2021, Vol pas cher de Malmo vers Stockholm: votre billet d’avion de Malmo vers Stockholm en un clic, Exemples des meilleurs prix de billets d'avion trouvés par nos utilisateurs réglant avec la carte applicable à la promotion sur au cours de ces 7 derniers jours. Västerås 525 Kilometer. The trip from Malmö takes you north-east to the capital city of Stockholm, where the “old town” of Gamla stan, ABBA museum and royal Stockholm Palace are sure to enhance your visit. En moyenne, en semaine, il y a 10 trains Malmö Central — Stockholm Central par jour. Göteborg 245 Kilometer. Flygbussarna, Credit cards are readily accepted. Trendy bars and world-class restaurants are shoulder-to-shoulder with historic cafes and cozy neighbourhood pubs. Trajet Stockholm Malmö Organisez votre voyage en train, autocar, avion de Stockholm à Malmö . You can either choose to stay or take away your meal. When in Stockholm, no visit will be complete without a visit to Gamla Stan. Il est possible de sélectionner d’autres moyens de paiement mais ceux-ci peuvent ne pas offrir la même remise. If you have some holiday funds to play with, you may rather spend less time traveling and take the one-hour flight. Åhléns is Sweden’s largest department store, with competitive prices for clothing, design, media, beauty and much more. Read more. L'itinéraire de votre voyage pourrait ressembler à ceci. Distance Stockholm → Malmo. Find the cheapest flight to Malmo and book your ticket at the best price! Stockholm. From Bromma, the bus takes about 20 minutes; from Skavsta and Västerås, it takes about 80 minutes. An elegant and enjoyable annex to the award-winning fine restaurant Gastrologik. Distance Malmoe → Stockholm. Stockholm Arlanda Airport is the biggest international airport and Bromma is closest to the city. Stockholm is often praised for its comfortable, efficient and safe transportation. Steeped in tradition, NK is Stockholm’s most luxurious department store, established 1902. Guided tours, films, and diverse objects take you from idea to the Nobel Banquet. In the blocks surrounding Biblioteksgatan, between the squares Stureplan and Norrmalmstorg, you will find the best of Swedish and international fashion and design. if you need child seats in the vehicle. Reputed gourmet restaurant Lux on the island of Lilla Essingen re-opened in 2013 with a more simplistic and affordable concept. What time is the first bus from Malmö to Stockholm? In 2013, Gatrologik received its first star in Guide Michelin. The cuisine is international and includes e. g. curry stews, falafel, pasta gratin, and tortillas. Sign in. Peut-être êtes-vous intéressé par Try your luck with an impersonation of Sweden's most famous band on the karaoke stage, dance it out and catch a virtual reality behind-the-scenes glimpse. Other products. Bonjour et bienvenue sur le comparateur de vols pas cher Bravofly ! There are 4 airports in Stockholm: Stockholm Arlanda, Stockholm Skavsta, Stockholm Bromma, and Stockholm Vasteras. The ballad is about his lover, Ulla Winbladh. The fastest way to travel between Stockholm and Arlanda is via the Arlanda Express. Stockholm is a city for everyone. Located in the Old Town, it is a perfect spot to fill your tummy before continuing a sightseeing day in Stockholm. In addition to figuring out the distance to Stockholm, you can also figure out the route elevation from Malmö to Stockholm. Vols pas cher de Stockholm à Malmo Always ask the driver beforehand. Gamla Stan has earlier in the guide been mentioned as Stockholm’s oldest attraction. Stockholm is simultaneously urban and close to nature and water is an ever-present feature in this city where lake and sea meet. In the park, some of Carl Milles most famous sculptures are on display. How far is it between Malmö and Stockholm. Hermitage offers a famous and affordable all-you-can-eat buffet based on vegetarian and vegan dishes. Stockholm's most affluent shopping district is found in the pedestrianized downtown district named Bibliotekstan. Swebus, Sample traditional market fare, explore narrow backstreets, and enjoy the city’s famous views. In this context, bear in mind that the journey can take longer due to traffic. Wi-fi et prises électriques à bord 2 bagages gratuits Le plus grand réseau de bus d'Europe Téléchargez l'application gratuite ! Stockholm Public Transport, SL, is responsible for buses, underground trains, commuter trains, trams and certain ferry lines in Greater Stockholm. Here, at HappyRail, you can buy all cheap train tickets from Malmo to Stockholm! Be inspired by ideas that changed the world. Die Fahrt mit der Fähre von Puttgarden auf der Insel Fehmarn nach Rødby auf der dänischen Insel Falster dauert nur 45 Minuten, die Weiterfahrt von Rødby über die nach Stockholm dauert ca. There are many taxi companies to choose from in Stockholm. Les prix pour un billet aller simple adult vont de 25 € à 73 €. In addition to the major taxi companies there are several independent firms; caution is adviced. The recommended method of travel for both time and money is by train, though, as it only takes a few hours and is very affordable if you buy economy tickets. By traveling by train on this route, you can enjoy the comfort of spacious seats, spectacular views—and in some cases free Wi-Fi—in both second and first class. Envie de voyager entre Malmö et Stockholm pour 24,90€? This is where you will find souvenir shops, quirky shops, cosy cafés, hip restaurants and beautiful old buildings. Close to nature, Scandinavian flavors and local produce is however still the main focus. There are ample ferry departures from Nybroviken and Slussen out to the leafy island of Djurgården. Flights ; Hotels; Flight + Hotel; Cars; Tours and Activities; More. Since this map only shows you the route of your trip and doesn't actually tell you how to get to your destination, you may want to see driving directions from Malmö to Stockholm. Stockholm is simultaneously urban and close to nature and water is an ever-present feature in this city where lake and sea meet. It is the customer’s responsibility to check prices beforehand. The Malmo to Stockholm train journey takes as little as 4 … You can plunge into the city around the “Lilla Torg” and … Speceriet does not take reservations - simply drop in. Malmö: Distance to the largest cities of Sweden. Vol pas cher à Malmo Vous pouvez trouver les horaires et les prix des billets en ligne via nos liens de réservation. Original castings and tools are shown in the large studio. Rechercher . Over 80 stores under one roof offer a broad selection of young and affordable fashion, cafés and restaurants. Stockholm’s oldest attraction is much more than the ultra-touristy street of Västerlånggatan. Choose between one way or return ticket. Bromma Airport, The lines go out to Djurgården and major attractions like Skansen and the Vasa Museum. Avec tous les services que vous trouverez sur Bravofly, vous pourrez réserver vos prochaines vacances, rien de plus facile ! Tours run Wed to Sun. 1 Malmö (Suède) - Stockholm (Suède) 513 km. Answer 1 of 5: Hallo everybody, I'm about to travel from Malmö to Stockholm by train. Two bus companies, Swebus and Flygbussarna, serve all four airports. Skavsta Airport, The street runs all the way from Gamla Stan to Odenplan, so make sure you bring a lot of time.