These are 1TB drives from 2014, so not that old. New Gigabyte H370-HD3 does not recognize Western Digital SATA hard drives. 5. While using Windows 10, accessibility of BIOS might seem difficult and for that very reason, I have attached the steps that one can follow to reach the BIOS when the hard disk is not … All this started with a hard shut down when the PC froze and then after the restart Windows wouldn't boot at all. To check to see if this is the cause of the BIOS not detecting the hard drive, follow these steps: Power off the computer. System boots okay from the ssd only when main hard drive not installed. They show as [Not Installed] in the Peripherals tab of the configuration interface. However, if you purchase a new drive, it should show up in the BIOS. 2. Open the computer case and remove the data cable from the hard drive. Tests ran fine BIOS will not be able to detect a hard disk when the hard drive data cable is damaged or improperly connected. The board recognizes a (new) SATA optical drive, and it recognizes USB flash drives when plugged in. Yes, Windows is up to date. If the hard drive does not show up in BIOS, gather as much information about your PC as you can and write it down.Such as the model and manufacturer of the drive, the manufacturer of the computer or motherboard, and the BIOS manufacturer as well as the version. If the port that hard drive is connected is disabled, hard drive will not be detected by the computer and you will get a message “hard drive not … Reboot. Power it on. 3. ... or (No) but did not say BIOS Defaults Ask a question . Hard drives are usually connected to onboard a SATA or IDE port. 8. Didn't do anything at the Dell logo this time. Drive is not spinning up If the drive is not receiving power or receiving an incorrect level of power, it will not spin up. The thing is if I try one drive at a time, it will displays it in the Boot Priority. Got the usual Dell support screen with "Hard drive not installed" clicked on "continue" and the laptop powered off. I did tried my laptop hard drive to see if my 2 hard disk drives are dead, and the result is the same as before. Bios not showing option to select boot order. If the serial ATA or SATA drivers are not properly installed, hard disk is not enabled in BIOS, hard drive keeps spinning up, or the hard drive is corrupted, failing or dying, BIOS may also fail to recognize your hard disk. Please, shutdown the computer using the power button. deepu Nov 13, 2016 at 08:26 AM. This is not a hardware problem as Support Assist reports no problem with the hard drive. ... After reseating if the Hard Drive is not detected again, you need to replace the Hard Drive. Internal hard drive not detected in BIOS after hard shutdown. BIOS handles the basic setup and boot process for the computer and prepares it to load the operating system. 6. But if I try all my 4 drives at the same time, only 2 will display which are my OS SSD and my optical DVD/CD drive. I have two WD hard drives with the OS installed on one and the other is for storage. It takes around 10 boots to successfully access the windows log in screen. - BIOS got reset and incorrect settings (mode) - faulty Hard disk drive - missing Hard disk drive (really no drive present physically) - faulty cables/connectors (possible on theory but highly unlikely) Restore default BIOS settings: 1. Join the community! When I try to boot my laptop, Dell SupportAssist Pre-Boot Performance check flashes the warning message: "Hard Drive Not Installed". Booted the machine and pressed f12 at the Dell logo. Hard drive -not installed...This is what I am getting Report. How? Conclusion. The case where the hard disk is not detected is a hardware issue and requires you to have an understanding of BIOS. Members receive more responses than anonymous users. Free since 1999. Solution: clear/delete boot partition from old hard drive. Test ran and stopped because "Hard drive not installed" 4. 7. in Drivers and Hardware.